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  • CarPlay Dongle for Android Navigation Player Stick System
  • CarPlay Wireless USB Dongle (5th generation)
  •  Intelligent voice control: Supports Siri / music / maps / phone calls / messages / Audio books.
    The Siri feature will help you call any of your friends.
    Keep in mind that the operating speed of our device depends on the speed of your phone’s operating system.
    Hands-free and safe driving: Make / answer calls, check voicemails, text messages and draw maps.
  • Listen to your favorite songs using music from iTunes, Apple or installed applications for hands-free.
  • This wireless dongle only works for the android car radio that the system is above android 4.2!
  • This wireless dongle only supports iPhone to connect via bluetooth, if your phone is android smart phone, you still need to connect by cable!
  • Compatible devices:

IPhone with iOS (7.1 and more);

Android Mobile Phone (5.1 and more), but if your phone is Android, it is still necessary to connect via cable.

Car stereo with android system (4.2 and more)




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