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1、High-definition Large Screen: The larger 1.28-inch round display screen on the market provides you with a larger and clearer experience. The picture is smooth, clear, stylish, and cool. Using tempered glass, the watch is anti-scratch and sensitive operating.
2、Health Monitoring Function: Equipped with optical sensors, the heart rate, and blood pressure can be viewed at any time between wrists. The blood pressure test area is large and the accuracy is high. You can understand your own energy expenditure, assess your fitness level, and improve your physical fitness in a scientific way.
3、360mAh Large-capacity Battery: The watch intelligently deep to optimize the power-saving algorithm and power consumption of various components, bringing 15 days of strong battery life to avoid frequency charging. The powerful performance to meet your needs at any time.
4、APP Dial Download: Connect your mobile phone to an exclusive app to download a variety of beautiful dials, which can be replaced at any time, so that your watch is different every moment.
5、Compatible Model: The smartwatch is suitable for Android 4.4 and above, for iOS 8.0 and above. For more functions, please see the product description.
Strap length(about): short strap: 24 * 82mm/0.94*3.23in, long strap: 24 * 120mm/0.94*4.72in
Bracelet weight: about 46.5g
Strap material: silicone (two-tone)
Buckle material: powder metallurgy
Shell material: mixed material
Color: black red, black gray
Display: 1.3 (full circle) 240 * 240
Touch operation: full touch operation
Battery: polymer 350 mAh with Battery Protection IC
Charging method: charging voltage: 5V; Current: 1A-2.1A; charging time: about 2 hours
Standby time: the longest standby-time is 45 days, and the normal use time is 10-15 days
Bluetooth name: L6
Waterproof rating: IP 68

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