Mini UFO Drone 360 Rotating

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  • Features:
  • Advanced Hand Operated Drone:

One of the best and interesting toy for kids, teenagers, and adults; Multiple functions and easy to operate, keep your kids hours of fun.

  • Aviation Protection:

The drone automatically detects the objects and flies around them.

  • Collision Protection (Auto-Avoid Obstacles):

This flying toys is made of high-grade ABS material which is lightweight, flexible, and collision-resistant, allows you to fly it both outdoor and indoor. The motion sensors can detect obstacles, ensure a safe play!

  • Two Speed Modes:

When you are in the medium-speed mode, the light is green. While you enter high-speed mode, the light will turn blue. This makes it fit for beginners or experts.

  • Automatic Shutdown Protection:

The drone stops charging when the battery is fully charged.

  • So simple to fly:

Toss this drone gently in the air, it will automatically hover, put your hand up and close him, it will fly to the direction you want. It’s a very easy control toy even for boys 3 years old!

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