LED Display Waterproof Headphones

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1. Bluetooth 5.0 Version

2. IPX7 Waterproof Level

3. 9D Stereo Sound

4. LED Digital Display

5. Intelligent Touch Key

6. About 600H Standby Time

7. About 7-8H Music/Talk Time

8. 8000mAh Charging Box Battery

9. 60mAh*2 Earphones Battery

10. Have More Other Features Better Than Other TWS Earphones


How to reset the headset?
1. Open the charging compartment cover, take out the headset, press and hold the headset for 6 seconds to turn off, and the light goes out.
2. Press and hold one of the earphones for 6 seconds, the light is on. After the light is on again, double-click the earphone, the light flashes quickly.
3. Press and hold the other headset for 6 seconds, the light is on, and after the light is on again, double-click the headphone, the light flashes quickly.
4. At this time, both earphones enter the fast flash mode and enter the detection mode. After 5 seconds, the lights are off, and continue to wait until one earphone flashes quickly and the other flashes slowly. At this time, the pairing is successful.
5. Put the headset back on the charging compartment cover. After 15 seconds, open the charging compartment cover and pick up the headset. The headset lights flash quickly and slowly, and the headset is paired successfully.

Use after resetting the headset?
1. Don’t turn on Bluetooth first, if there is a paired Bluetooth with the headset, please also clear it.
2. Open the charging compartment cover and remove the reset headset.
3. You can see a headset flash rapidly, and then turn off after a slow flash (visible breathing light).
4. At this point, it proves that the two headphones belong to a normal pairing state. At this time, turn on Bluetooth and you can search for the Bluetooth name for normal pairing and use.


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